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Reggie Miller is Still Not in the Hall of Fame (2nd Edition)

It truly is a crime that Reggie isn’t in.


This photo above, it’s an encapsulation of Reggie Miller’s entire career. In one moment. Not just because it’s from Madison Square Garden — during the Playoffs — right in front of Spike Lee’s stupid face. And not just because it’s another last-second shot, for the win, when even good players tend to shy away from the heaviness of the moment, and maybe some “great” ones too.

Rather, this photo sums up Reggie’s career because — seriously — look at the Knicks fans. Look at their expressions. Look at their sheer hopelessness, their exasperated facepalms as they brace for the inevitable loss closing in quickly. Some pictures are worth a thousand words, certainly, but this is not one of them. Because make no mistake, this picture is worth exactly two: “Oh fuck,” and those two are worth a billion more in most places.

Look at them. The ball hasn’t yet left Reggie’s hands, and yet they KNOW what’s next. They KNOW it’s going in. And it did, of course. Because it always did. When it mattered. Or so it seemed.

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